Pamela FoxAs General Manager of the 38-room Las Vegas Hostel, Pamela Fox wears many hats. A prime selling point for the hostel is easy access to digital and wireless communications. When the hostel ran into problems with its cable-based Internet service, two friends recommended calling Hansen Networks for a diagnostic. Hansen determined that more access points, an Internet kiosk, new Cyber Café computers, and a Cisco Meraki router were the upgrades she needed to improve communications services for her guests.

While onsite, Hansen noticed that the hostel’s administrative phone system — four 702-area-code lines, an 800 number, and a fax number from three different companies — was out of date. A new phone system had not been on Pam’s radar screen, but when Hansen said he could deliver one that worked just as well or better for substantially less, Pam was all ears. When Hansen said that the phone numbers could be retained and there would be no interruption in service, she was sold.

All in, the hostel’s six phone lines were costing $350 per month. By routing all lines through one location using VoIP, the monthly bill has dropped to $83 – a decrease of 76%. Both the Internet fixes and new phone system are working perfectly, and Pam has happily checked this task off her long list.